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GFG Hausverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH

One of the key prerequisites for property value retention and appreciation lies in prudent commercial and technical property management - at GFG Hausverwaltungsgesellschaft mbH you will have the entire service portfolio of successful property management at your fingertips.

Since 1976, we have successfully provided our clients with comprehensive professional property management services. As an owner-managed property management company with a highly qualified and enthusiastic staff of 15 dedicated employees, we continuously strive to conserve and enhance the value of the properties entrusted to us.

We carry out all management tasks to our clients’ utmost satisfaction; at GFG you will always be assisted by highly competent managers whose utmost priority lies in optimizing your return and profitably managing your property for you.

We not only offer high-end property management services, but will also gladly handle the sale and/or letting of condominiums and buildings for you.

You will be able to benefit from our year-long experience with owners, tenants, insurers, agents, authorities and contractors. Your property is a highly valuable asset, the administration of which should never be anything less than a matter of trust!